Course Forum: Open School Doors forum

The Open School Doors (OSD) development programme is designed to support schools (leaders, teachers and support staff) to build knowledge and understanding of the challenges faced by newly arrived families and develop new ways of working that help bridge the divide between schools and local communities and impact positively on the lives of young people and their families.

The programme is in two parts. Part One, Thinking & Exploring and part two, Taking ActionPart One is a reflective space that allows you to:

    • Hear from newly arrived parents sharing their experiences of EU education systems and their perspectives on what enables and frustrates their attempts to work effectively with schools to support their children’s learning and development;
    • Explore the research evidence base and investigate the legal frameworks that impact on newly arrived families in EU countries;
    • Engage with the ‘think piece’ on parental engagement and begin to evaluate your local context;
    • Identify where to go for up to date information about resources and support networks in their locality;
    • Be inspired by case studies from teachers and schools trying out new ideas and initiatives across the EU;
    • Network and exchange ideas and resources with like-minded colleagues across the EU;

You can engage with the part one resources in any way that best suits your needs and priorities using the ‘What am I interested in’ tab as a pathway to a deeper investigation of specific topics. You can then use the ODS review tool to pause and reflect on your learning and make decisions about ‘taking action’.

What you will need to do this course:



David Harte